Toukiden 2 will be Releasing Soon

Toukiden 2 will Release Soon

If you are a Toukiden fan, you should be excited because Toukiden 2 will be releasing soon.


About Toukiden

Toukiden is similar to Monster Hunter, as in you go around hunting Monsters, or Onis. In Toukiden, the player gets to choose their weapon of choice, including a long blade, a spear, twin swords, etc. Allowing you to execute combos, dodge monster attacks, craft armor, and more, Toukiden is a monster-slaying RPG that can glue you to your seat for hours on end.

In the story of Toukiden, you are a Demon Slayer going on missions to slay Onis and purify the land. These Onis have invaded human land, and the humans have lost their homes and much of their population to these vile creatures. It’s your job to kill these ugly beasts and purify the land. Sometimes, you’ll get these lost souls called Mitamas as you play. Well known figures of their time, Mitamas were once humans that have been trapped in the tainted land. Mitamas give you certain abilities when you acquire them, such as healing or running faster. They’ll definitely help you survive when you’re fighting demons 50 times your size.

What’s New in Toukiden 2?

With the release of Toukiden: Kiwami,  the weapons available for the players to use were the Sword, Knives, Spear, Gauntlets, Chain & Sickle, Bow, Club, Naginata, and Rifle. In Toukiden 2, two more weapons have been added: the Chain Whip and the Sword & Shield.

Another cool thing I’m excited for is the open-world aspect of Toukiden 2. In the previous Toukiden, you completed missions and then went back to the village. The village was pretty small; it had shops, the bath, your house, and the HQ. That’s about all you could explore. Now, I hear this new Toukiden is open-world?

The Demon Hand is a new addition to the arsenals Demon Slayers can use. In Toukiden, you can dismember the limbs of a demon for two things:

  1. To gather resources.
  2. To kill them faster.

Now, you get this thing called the Demon Hand that will basically make this task a lot easier, not to mention the new combos you can pull off with it.

Toukiden 2 will be releasing soon

Toukiden 2 will be releasing for PS Vita, PS4, and PC on March 21st. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, make sure to take advantage of the prime savings and save money.

Playstation 4: $59.99  $47.99

PS Vita: $39.99  $33.60 w/o prime savings   $31.99 w prime savings

For PC players, make sure to get it on Steam, as there is currently a 10% off deal right now.

PC: $59.99  $53.99 (You also get a Tenko outfit if you pre-order!)